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Verification and Proficiency

This service is available for universities, colleges & employers to ensure that prospective students have authentic and legitimate certificates.

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Evaluation of foreign results (senior certificates of other countries ONLY) is done at a charge of M335.00 per evaluation.

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Certificate Migration

Certificate migration is done at the cost of M1035.00 while English proficiency is done at the cost of M85.00

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National assessment document
National Assessment Report 2016


The Lesotho National Assessment of Educational Progress Survey has, since its inception, been conducted with the major aim of monitoring the system of education in the country. First, the study was carried out in Grades 3 and 6, but has, since the year 2010, shifted to Grades 4 and 6.

A total sample of 184 schools was used, selected on the basis of the coefficient of intraclass correlation (Rho), as per the Sample Design Manager Software (SANDEM) manual. This sampling procedure employs stratified multi-stage cluster sampling, with schools being stratified according to districts and proprietors. In each of the sampled schools, 20 learners per grade of interest were selected, using a simple random sampling procedure.

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National assessment document
Assessment Strategy 2012

This strategy starts with the premise that there is no single solution to the educational issues facing Lesotho or to allow the reforms to be the success they need to be. The needs of learners in Grade 1 are different from the needs of learners in Grade 10 and the assessment strategy will reflect this and adapt with the child as they mature

This strategy also reflects the reality that assessment by itself cannot create good learning and teaching but needs to be used in close conjunction with all the other educational tools available to the Ministry. The support and active engagement of all stakeholders is required to make any educational reform take root and flourish...

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Results Analysis


The objectives of Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) include amongst others, improving access, efficiency and equity of education and training in all levels and to promote gender equality and ensure empowerment of disadvantaged groups (Strategic Plan 2015 – 2025). However, this objective cannot be achieved fully without the knowledge of performance of various subgroups of learners. This include identifying groups of leaners with high and low performance in assessments. The knowledge will assist in planning and designing efficient interventions to enhance performance of learners which will result in improving the xeducation system.

MOET through the Examinations Council of Lesotho (ECoL) conducts Lesotho General Certificate of Secondary Education (LGCSE) examinations annually for candidates who completed the twelve years of schooling in Lesotho. Candidates are awarded grades ranging from A* to G, where A* represents the best performance and G indicates the lowest performance. Consequently, the results are used to make decisions about entry into tertiary education and/or the world of work.


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