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Online Registration

Online Registration is a web portal through which Private Candidates and School Candidates can register for ECoL administered examinations. The portal is categorised into two sections with each section dedicated to each type of candidate, that is, Private Candidates have a section used by only them in the web portal and school candidates have their own. The School candidates section in the web portal is used by schools to register candidates for examinations. While the Private Candidates section in the web portal is used by Private Candidates to register for examinations. Private Candidates are candidates who do not attend any formal schools administered School Candidates are candidates who attend formal schools. The documents below provide a guide on how to access each section of the web portal.

This document serves as a guide for Private Candidates on how to access and use the Private Candidates section of the Online Registration web portal.

The document serves as a guide for Principals or School staff tasked with the administration of examinations registration, on how to use the School Candidates section of the registration portal to register their students for examinations.

Have a question regarding the registration portal? This document contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's) and their answers. Still unanswered? Please do not hesitate to contact ECoL on the contact information provided on the website.

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