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JC & LGCSE Examinations

School Candidates

Are fulltime learners and are doing a minimum of 6 subjects. Their registration is done in 2 ways:firstly they submit softcopy of registration lists which ends on February. Secondly they complete the financial registration (pay for the candidates registered for examinations) towards end of May

Private Candidates

Are learners who are studying as individuals without attending any formal schools. They study six subjects or more or less. They can register to the nearest schools or go directly to Examinations Council of Lesotho. Their registration ends towards end of May

Lesotho General Certificate of Secondary Education (LGCSE)

Stages of the Development of the LGCSE:Collaboration between the Examinations Council of Lesotho and Cambridge International Examinations. The Cambridge Overseas School Certificate taken at the end of secondary in

 Lesotho is currently made up of Cambridge GCE O Levels, marked and graded by ECOL in Lesotho since, 1989. As part of Lesotho’s national educational development, the COSC is being replaced by a locally produced qualification the LGCSE, which is being developed over a period of years in three/four main stages. In light of the prevailing and envisaged changes in the assessment of education in Lesotho, LGCSE is more relevant than COSC. The reason being that, LGCSE will exist as a qualification where performance in each subject is individually recognized, unlike with COSC, which is based on a group award system.

Lesotho General Certificate of Secondary Education

This is an examination written at the end of Senior Secondary. It is based on the IGCSE model and it is accredited by Cambridge International Examinations.

Life skills Based Sexuality Education is a compulsory subject for all school candidates.

Subjects classified into five disciplines
  • Languages
  • Social sciences
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Creative, Technical and Vocational
Subject combinations for fulfilment of Certification
  • English Language
  • Sesotho
  • Mathematics
At least one subject from the social sciences category which comprises of the following syllabus
  • Literature in English
  • Religious Studies
  • History
  • Geography
  • Development Studies
  • Economics (IGCSE)
At least one subject from Science category
  • Physical Science
  • Biology
At least one subject from Creative, Technical and Vocational
  • Agriculture
  • Design and Technology
  • Fashion and Textiles
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Accounting
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Business Studies(IGCSE)

Junior Certificate

Foreign candidates must take any of the modern languages instead of Sesotho.

compulsory subjects for all candidates
  • 101 English
  • 204 Sesotho
  • 309. Mathematics
  • 414. Science
For foreign students there are the following languages
  • 202 French
  • 208 Afrikaans
Social Sciences from which candidates choose two subjects
  • 511 Development Studies
  • 513 History
  • 515 Geography
  • 623 Religious Knowledge
  • 624 Religious. Knowledge (Alt)
Practical Studies from which candidates choose three
  • 611 Agriculture
  • 616 Business Education
  • 617 Domestic Science
  • 621 Integrated. Home Economics
  • 625 Typewriting
  • 626 Woodwork
  • 627 Basic Handcrafts
  • 628 Technical Drawing
  • 631 Computer Education

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